Artwork was the original product that began Atlanta Design Group (ADG), originating more than 40 years ago. ADG started manufacturing artwork in 1976 under the brand name International Arts. 今天,这个艺术项目现在被称为必威靠谱,为设计和建筑行业提供现成的框架和定制艺术品. In 40 years, artwork has gone through many transformations. Technology has expanded artwork into a range of print and display possibilities that are endless.

Patrick Allen Art Collection doesn’t only offer custom artwork. 我们的画廊展示了大量的预框艺术作品,可以从墙上“原样”购买. 这对于那些没有灵活性或时间制作自定义图像的快速周转工作来说是非常棒的. You can also check out pieces on approval if needed.

必威靠谱由现成的框架和定制艺术品组成,全部由我们的内部艺术设计师设计, Shawn Leary, and is manufactured locally at our headquarters in Norcross, GA.


– Shawn Leary.

Beautiful artwork is our passion…quality is our mission…. exceeding client’s expectations is your benefit!

Patrick Allen Art Collection is a Brand of Atlanta Design Group

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Design Center

Patrick Allen’s Design Center is located at our headquarters in Norcross, GA which contains thousands of prints, mouldings and mat options to fit any design palette or budget. 帕特里克·艾伦与领先的美国出版商和造型公司合作,为您提供无尽的材料选择. 我们的内部艺术设计师可以协助最终的设计或提供不同的技巧,可以用来提高你的艺术作品的技巧. 当您想在不超出预算的情况下使用增强的抠图和框架技术定制您的工作时,这一点尤为重要.

帕特里克·艾伦还具有在几乎任何尺寸的多种基材上印刷专有图像的能力,还可以根据需要进行颜色更改. 这为我们的客户在设计上提供了灵活性,帮助他们创造出独一无二的产品或外观. For more details on our capabilities please see the Capabilities section below.

Custom Artwork

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Select from a vast image library of prints, giclées and hand-colored pieces to match any style.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Design from endless matboard options that will match your art perfectly.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Choose from over 2500 frame options with all different styles, colors, and materials.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


After you have designed your art, our team will manufacture your pieces in-house for a fast turnaround.




我们位于诺克罗斯的内部最先进的制造工厂允许我们的内部艺术设计师控制成本, quality and ensure on-time delivery. 拥有自己的制造工厂使我们能够从头到尾管理美术开发过程的每个环节. Combined with our artistic and curatorial talent, 拥有我们自己的定制艺术屋是使帕特里克艾伦艺术收藏独特的重要组成部分.

We Can Print That!

我们可以通过按需印刷(POD)功能为您的特定站点需求创建具有范围和风格的动态艺术品. Created especially with Designers, Architects, and Corporate entities in mind we are able to customize artwork to your substrate, color and size specifications.

The days when fine art only came in one or two sizes are gone! When size matters we can print images to almost any size you need.

Patrick Allen is dedicated to offering high quality printing on the newest substrates:


Printing On Surfaces

ready-made framed and custom artwork


The Classic Canvas. Canvas为艺术品提供了良好的艺术品质,各种包装选项让您可以自由选择想要体验的艺术品. 画布包装图像可以作为画廊包装悬挂,没有框架或安装到浮动框架.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Edgy and Modern. 印刷在1/8”拉丝铝金属反射通过墨水闪烁每当白色出现在图像中. For added effect, add a plain metal border around the image. Our aluminum is lightweight and will not warp. It is also completely waterproof. 金属艺术品可以使用安装在艺术品背后的浮动杆或通过僵局来悬挂,以获得更前卫的工业外观.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Acrylic or Clear Glass

Glamor and Sophistication. 您的图像是否直接印在¼“- 3/8”透明亚克力板或玻璃的背面. 最大限度地扩大覆盖范围,印刷图像全出血或添加一个清晰的边界,以突出承印物的图像. Acrylic is light-weight and impact-resistant. All edges are polished for a clean look. 悬挂时,可以使用支架或浮动杆,让图像漂浮在离墙约1英寸的地方.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Rustic. The natural wood substrate gives artwork a rustic feel. The knots in the wood make every piece unique. The whiter the image the more wood that shows through. Hang with either stand-offs or mount in your favorite moulding.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Our paper is 100% cotton fiber, acid-free, strong and dimensionally stable; perfect for a luxurious, textured fine art reproduction.

FasTrack Program

ADG understands the importance of deadlines. 我们也知道,有时在现场发生的事情会在最后一刻创造出艺术作品的需求. ADG has worked closely with its suppliers to develop our unique FasTrack Program. FasTrack计划允许您定制艺术品,并可在三(3)天内取件或发货. All you need to do is select your image from our vast in-house print collections, choose your matting & framing from our in-stock supply and just leave the rest to us … It is that simple!

Need it sooner than 3 days? 您可以从我们的画廊中展示的预制框架艺术线中进行选择,并准备通过我们的现金携带计划立即购买. We can also have your artwork shipped for you if needed.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Delivery & Installation

Need us to install or ship your artwork for you- No Problem!

Our in-house installation company, TriMarc Installation, 可以安排您的艺术品由我们的专业安装人员在本地或州外安装吗. By using our in-house installation team your installation rates are discounted. Call ADG Customer Service for rates and availability.

We can also ship your artwork through our national carrier network. ADG对如何为运输准备艺术品有广泛的了解,这使得我们在所有运输的产品上有不到0.5%的损坏.

Additional Products & Services

请记住,以下所有产品都可以为客户提货,也可以为客户提货并运送到任何最终目的地,因为我们有一个完整的运输和收货部门. 我们的安装公司Trimarc也可以帮助您安装上述任何产品. Give us a call for more information regarding any of these products or services.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Design Boards


ready-made framed and custom artwork

Bulletin Boards

我们可以为您的任何公告板装裱,无论是白板、黑板还是软木板. 我们甚至可以与您合作,在框架玻璃板与标准框架或对峙更现代的外观. Need a more custom sized board? No problem, as we can order any of the above boards for you in your custom size if needed.

Antique Mirror

For those jobs that require a little more depth to the mirror, we also offer a multiple of different designs for antique mirror applications. 这是一个伟大的人需要一个更艺术的外观,因为我们有9个不同的古董镜子可供选择,可以自定义大小,以满足您的需求. You can also use Antique mirror as accent pieces to highlight within judges panels, kitchen cabinets, ceiling tiles, or any other application that you can possibly think of.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Framed Mirrors

Atlanta Design Group provides a full turn-key solution for local builders, project managers, and homeowners by measuring and installing your custom Framed Mirror jobs. If your project is out of state, 我们可以装箱您的定制框架镜子,并将其运送到您的工作现场,直接方便安装.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Mirror Wraps

Transform Your Plain Mirror Into an Elegant Focal Point!

Mirror Wraps™ Framed Solutions are easy to install, and they transform that large plain mirror in the bathroom into an elegant focal point. Each Mirror Wrap frame is custom-made to fit directly onto an existing mirror.

  • Custom Made for your application
  • Diverse selection to fit any style
  • No construction… No mess!
  • Fully Assembled or Kitted
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Easy to install!
  • Affordable

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